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Lighthouse Trips

Selfies await.

Nine operational or dormant lighthouses dot the area near Ram Island - each one offering a dramatic backdrop for the perfect photo.  Take a boat tour around them and learn the history of these century-old guardians of the sea as they stand watch over local waters. They are always happy to photo-bomb a selfie.

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Thursday Night Concert Series

The ultimate back-stage pass.

Kudos to the Town of Groton Parks and Recreation for their Summer Soundwaves Thursday Night Concert Series* - (and to us for sneaking you back stage).  Enjoy awesome acts from a perspective rarely experienced - with no need to run from security!

*Weather permitting - concerts begin June 23rd, and run through mid-August.

concert pix_edited_edited_edited.jpg
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Scenic Tours

Cruise down the Mystic past Noank - where river meets ocean, and during centuries past shipbuilding was a way of life. 

Glimpse the horizon, then find a quiet cove.

Throughout time the horizon has come to represent promise, new destinations, and adventure.  We bring all three to you in just a few short hours.  We'll look out upon the big water, then find a quiet bay to set anchor and reflect upon a day fulfilled.


Mystic River and        Ram Island

Comfortable, scenic, chill.


Stonington, Sandy Point, Watch Hill

Cruise the harbor, beach the boat, walk the dunes.

Watch Hill Harbor_edited.jpg
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Adventure Charters

Enjoy swimming, snorkeling, snuba*, paddleboarding, or cannonballs off the boat - each trip is
custom-made and all equipment is provided.
(*combination of snorkeling and SCUBA!).

Paddling in the Sea_.jpg




Our Adventures: Vacations

Sea and Sand


Great things come in small packages

13 - 1.jpg

Take the little boat...

A perfect adventure for two - pack a lunch and island-hop at locations otherwise inaccessible. From our 13' Whaler, you can truly experience the ocean at sea level.  (Warning: your feet are gonna get wet).

Our Adventures: Specials
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